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6 Tips for Exterior Painting

Exterior painting is a great way to refresh the look of your home and protect it from the elements. However, it can also be a challenging project, especially if you’re not properly prepared. Here are some tips for a successful exterior painting project:

  1. Repair any damages: Before you start painting, make sure to repair any damages to the exterior of your home, such as cracks, holes, or peeling paint. This will ensure that the new paint adheres properly and looks smooth and even.

  2. Choose the right paint: Just like with interior painting, it’s important to choose the right paint for the job. For exterior painting, you’ll want to use a paint that is specifically formulated for outdoor use and can withstand the elements. It’s also important to choose the right finish. Flat finish is good for hiding imperfections, while a semi-gloss or gloss finish is more durable and easier to clean.

  3. Prepare the surface: Proper surface preparation is key to a successful exterior painting project. Make sure to clean the surface thoroughly, removing dirt, dust, and any loose paint. If the surface is particularly rough or uneven, you may need to sand it down before painting.

  4. Protect surrounding areas: When painting the exterior of your home, it’s important to protect any surrounding areas, such as windows, doors, and plants. Cover these areas with drop cloths or plastic sheeting to prevent paint from splattering.

  5. Use good quality brushes and rollers: As with interior painting, it’s important to use good quality brushes and rollers for a smooth, even finish. Cheap brushes and rollers will leave streaks and leave bits of hair behind.

  6. Follow the “cut in, roll out” technique: When painting the exterior of your home, start by “cutting in” around the edges with a brush. Then, use a roller to fill in the center of the wall. This will help you achieve a smooth, even finish.

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to a professional-looking exterior painting job. Happy painting!

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